Renewable energy for
a sustainable future


About Highfield

The Highfield development team is highly skilled with extensive experience specific to Ireland. With a combined 80 years’ experience, we have successfully developed multiple quality windfarms across Ireland over the last 15 years.

Our Approach

Working in partnership with the local community, we engage in pro-active, meaningful public consultation. We value these growing relationships. Across the country renewable energy has contributed 32% of all the electricity generated for the country in recent years.

Combating Global Warming

Climate change is becoming more and more visible across our planet. The change to wind energy, allows a massive shift away from adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere - to a form of energy that is emission free and tackles climate change.

Partnering with Landowners

Diversifying into wind energy has become an incredibly attractive additional income stream for many Irish farms, with no input cost. Sitting seamlessly alongside on-going traditional farm activity and providing a guaranteed income into the future.