for the Future

Highfield has a long, well established presence in the wind energy industry. At Highfield we have focused on developing quality projects with a long term view into the future. Everything we do feeds into that principle. Our proven track record of successfully developing and delivering a large number of projects across Ireland, is testament to this.

Highfield Renewable Energy focuses on the development of wind farms from the early stages of identifying quality sites, right through to operation. Where the synergy arises, we also look at the benefit of adding solar energy in the form of solar PV farms or the flexibility of battery storage or both. Highfield have also been active as a key player, in the development of solar energy in Ireland and in the US.

Highfield Renewable Energy is a wholly Irish company with offices in Wexford and in Dublin. We are a joint venture with Temporis Aurora, whose main investor is the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF), part of the Irish Government’s National Treasury Management Agency.

See the ISIF annual investment report, featuring Highfield on page 15.

The change to renewable energy and in particular wind energy, is allowing a shift away from adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and to a form of energy that is emission free. In addition to tackling climate change, wind energy provides further benefits such as cleaner air and financial and energy security on a national level into the future. Providing certainty around the cost of electricity with the removal of exposure to varying and rising imported oil and gas prices – energy is a key driver for the economy and security of the country.