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Diversifying into wind energy has become an incredibly attractive additional income stream for many Irish farms, sitting seamlessly alongside on-going traditional farm activity. Wind farms also offer a very important guaranteed long-term income.

This is done through a lease arrangement which pays you a guaranteed long-term rent. There is no input cost. Highfield Renewable Energy covers all the costs along the way, so there is no risk or cost to you.

Highfield Renewable Energy is a wholly Irish company with offices in Wexford and in Dublin. With the additional financial security of being backed by the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF), part of the Irish Government’s National Treasury Management Agency.

Long Term Stable Income

A wind farm pays a guaranteed income long into the future, providing great financial stability.

The income from a wind farm can add value to your farm and our lease does not restrict you from transferring land.

A Typical Wind Farm

One of our typical wind farms consists of a small number of wind turbines, with gravel tracks between wind turbines for access and electrical cabling, which would be underground. We would discuss the progress of the wind farm with you regularly as we progress.

We manage and take care of all the activity in forming the wind farm.

Co-existing with Farming

Current farming activity and practises can continue unaffected. Land devoted to a wind farm usually only forms a small part of the overall size of a farm. With long distances between each wind turbine the space required is quite low. Tracks between each wind turbine are placed to minimise their impact on current fields, such as alongside headlands - except where this is not possible.

Your Wind Farm

We will design the wind farm so that once a wind farm is built, current farming activity and practises can continue largely unaffected. We fund and manage the planning, construction, grid-connection, and operation of the wind park. The entire development process is funded by Highfield Renewable Energy at no risk or cost to yourself.

Climate Change

Climate change is more and more visible across our planet and evident here in Ireland, with the increasing extremes in weather occurring in recent years.

The benefit of emission free energy into the future, for future generations, benefits us all.