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Highfield Renewable Energy is solely focused on Ireland. Avoiding a dilution of focus across other countries. We are working across rural Ireland to form and build a portfolio of quality sites that will meet Ireland’s increasing needs for clean, emission-free energy.

These are quality wind farms that will perform well, long into the future. Our best in Europe wind speeds provide a prized clean source of energy to generate electricity without emissions. Where a viable location for a wind farm arises, we pay special attention to respect all aspects concerning the locality, maintaining large set-back distances from all houses, looking extensively at the existing ecology, bird life, archaeology, as well as a suite of other aspects before incorporating those into the forming of the site.

Working in partnership with the local community, as a project progresses we will be engaging in pro-active meaningful public consultation with the local community. We value the relationship as it grows and on all our sites we will be pro-actively initiating the forming of a community fund.

Operational Projects and Projects being progressed