Ashford wind farm

  • Operational since: Q3 2020
  • MW size: 13.8
  • Number of turbines: 6
  • Grid connection voltage: 20kV

Ashford wind farm is a six wind turbine wind farm located in Co. Limerick, near the village of Ashford. Set in an area of agricultural grazing on the edge of the lowland plain of Limerick, the land consists mostly of grassland with some scrub land also.

The site underwent significant public consultation before and during its development. Highfield took on board the feedback from public consultation and combined with the development of a thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (covering the seasons over 2 years), the plan for the wind farm was refined. This incorporated Highfield opting for underground cable for the grid connection away from the site to the ESB national electricity grid as well as other changes. A full planning application along with the Environmental Impact Assessment was lodged in May 2012. Planning permission was granted towards the end of 2013.

Construction began in 2019. Completion of the project was achieved after major impacts arising from the global covid pandemic affecting supply chains as well as construction activity. The Wind Farm began operating and producing emission free electricity in September 2020.

A community fund is in place that supports the local community in the vicinity of the wind farm. The community themselves administer this sizeable yearly fund to local causes and initiatives.

The project is owned and operated by Highfield.

tons CO2 emission saved per annum
homes powered per annum
installed capacity